Nickers & Wags Equine and Canine Massage - Improve Your Horse Or Dog's Health, Happiness, and Well-Being
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           for Horses and Dogs
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  Massage is a great way to enhance your horse or dog's quality of life and well-being. It can be an important part of your pet's 
health care in addition to nutrition, exercise, and medical check ups. Nickers & Wags offers therapeutic and sports massage for different kinds of horses and dogs.
Benefits of Massage
  •    Relieve tension
  •    Reduce stress and anxiety
  •    Increase flexibility
  •    Improve muscle tone and range of motion
  •    Improve circulation to rid toxins and promote healing
  •    Release endorphins, speed recovery from illness, injury
       or surgery
  •    Alleviate and reduce pain or muscle spasms
  •    Decrease stiffness
  •    Promote feeling of well-being
  •    Improve immune functions
  •    Provide a form of exercise for elderly and inactive
Who benefits From Massage?
Therapeutic Massage
  • Older and arthritic
  • Injured
  • Shy, abused, and rescued
  • Recovery from injury or surgery
  • Anxious and nervous
  • Hyperactive
Massage techniques will relax an excited horse, produce a calming effect prior to trailer loading or handling by farrier or vet and benefits stall bound horses to top performers.
Sports Massage
Muscles can be overused, overstretched and overloaded resulting in
tissues lesions that cause pain and restrict movement. Massage helps to spread fibers,freeing restrictions which increases blood flow and oxygen which removes metabolic waste, relieves tension and in turn improves performance.A hard workout causes a build up of lactic acid in muscles which causes fatigue and next day soreness. Massage helps to move the lactic acid out of the muscles thru increased blood flow. Long distance runners and triathletes get massages after events to prevent lactic acid buildup, sore muscles and fatigue.
The Working Horse
  • Riding: show, pleasure, hunter/jumper, dressage, eventing, 
    gaited, endurance trail, reining, and other disciplines
  • Racing
  • Driving: show and pleasure
Signs & Symptoms that your horse may need a massage:
     Head tossing,off for no apparent reason,stiffness, resistance,
     short choppy strides, sore back, difficulty bending,and attitude  
The Working Dog
  • Service
  • Police
  • Search and rescue
  • Agility
   Our horses and our dogs work hard trying to please us.  We are responsible for their well-being. Sports massage can be used to maintain and contribute to their overall health by letting their bodies function as efficiently as possible. Healthy bodies promote long, healthy lives.